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NSRA Retailer of the Year
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The Retailer of the Year award is presented to an individual NSRA member who, as the owner or co-owner of a footwear retailing business, has demonstrated business vision, principled leadership, and service to NSRA.


2016 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)



Denkler, who owns Vince Canning Shoes in Delray Beach, Florida, with his wife LaRonda, is a third-generation retailer; his grandfather opened the store in 1952, and the Denklers purchased it from his uncle in 1994. In 2015, Denkler bought a second store, Tootsies, which first opened in 2006. The Denklers have quadrupled Vince Canning sales during their 22 years of ownership. During the past year, they significantly increased comparable sales at Tootsies by over half.

In accepting the award, Denkler stated “It is truly an honor to be held in such high esteem by an outstanding organization and group of retailing peers. The success could not have been achieved without my wife and business partner, an outstanding staff, great vendor partners, and the peer mentoring from NSRA members.       Vince Canning Shoes

2015 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)


Miklofsky, who has been in the shoe industry since 1977, owns and operates five stores in Tucson, AZ under the banners Alan's Shoe House and New Balance Tucson (which employ 50 people). As the first individual to register "” in 1994, Miklofsky has been at the forefront of internet shoe retailing. His footwear experience also includes a stint as vice president of The Walking Company, and as president of Oasis Comfort, then the U.S. distributor of Beautifeel.

In accepting the award, Miklofsky thanked his wife Annette for working beside him all these years, as well as thanking his fellow NSRA independent retailers as role models in business.

 2014 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)


Brown is President of Brown’s Enterprises, a company with more than 80 employees, and eight stores: Brown’s Shoe Center, four New Balance St. Louis locations, New Balance Kansas City, New Balance Branson, and The business is headquartered in Washington, Missouri. Brown’s wife and co-owner, Margit, serves as company vice president of operations, and their sons Chad and Kurt are members of the management team with Chad managing Metro Orthotics, their medical marketing division, and Kurt serving as the company’s vice president of sales.

Margit Brown spoke on behalf of the family, saying "Through it all we recognize our good fortune to have the friendships we’ve found – networking and learning together, have brought a genuine joy to our lives. "Our family not only celebrates Randy, but we also celebrate the friendships made possible through NSRA, so thank you friends.” Randy humbly accepted the award, but accredited his family as being the deserving recipients.



2013 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)


Stan's Fit for Your Feet, established in 1950, and New Balance Milwaukee is a five-location business headquartered in Brookfield, WI. Owner, Jim Sajdak, joined the company founded by his grandfather and father during the 1970s, and served as vice president for 16 years before becoming president and CEO in 1989. Under his leadership, Stan's Fit for Your Feet expanded from one store to its current multiple locations.
In accepting this award, Sajdak himself noted that his grandfather was a tanner and shoemaker and that following his father into retailing taught him many lessons. He also expressed gratitude that his children have elected to enter in the family business, adding, "It's humbling to receive this award, I thank you."

2012 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)


Vernon Powell Shoes, established in 1936 by the late Vernon H. Powell, is family-owned-and-operated with locations in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. 

In accepting this award, Phil Wright acknowledged that footwear retailing has changed since he joined his grandfather in the business more than four decades ago, and that learning from his peers and friends within this organization has been invaluable to their success. Among networking, NSRA services and events, Wright also includes his son Joe as being instrumental to his company's growth.

Vernon Powell Shoes



2011 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)


Comfort One Shoes, founded July of 1993 in Old Town Alexandria, is a locally owned, family business that started with one location and has grown to include locations in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

In accepting this award, Maurice Breton acknowledged that he came out of corporate America to enter independent footwear retailing and has learned a great deal from NSRA and fellow members. Although Breton has given a lot, in terms of service to NSRA, he said the organization gave him back more because when you network with other retailers, you learn, and they teach you how to become the best.


2010 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)

Lucky Shoes, founded in 1919, is a family business with multiple locations in Ohio. Luck got his start in the family business at the age of 5, "helping out" in his father's store. Tom's son, John, is now the fourth generation Luck in the business.
In accepting this award, Luck acknowledged and thanked his family and employees for their consistent support and enthusiasm for working at Lucky Shoes and its multiple businesses. Luck cited that they haven’t changed their core business, great service and great value on the best products available, and that the company has survived because of the talented people he has had the privilege of working with. In addition, Luck said his business has survived and prospered because they keep reinventing themselves before they need to – looking forward, and adjusting to their customers’ needs and expectations.

2009 Retailer of the Year (read full press release)


Schuler Shoes began in 1889 under Vincent Schuler and is the oldest family-owned shoe store west of the Mississippi. The business is in its fourth generation today and operates with multiple locations in Minnesota.

In honor of this award, Schuler Shoes is recognized for many strengths including great customer service, key brand offerings, strategic locations, advantageous partnerships and a focus on comfort. As an individual, Schuler is considered an inspiration to his peers and looked upon as always having a vision for his business and being sure to execute it.

Schuler Shoes                  

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